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Costruzione cilindri pneumatici e oleopneumatici Manufacturing of pneumatic and oleopneumatic cylinders

Our Products

Technique, precision, and artisanal excellence guaranteed made in Italy.

We offer a wide range of standard products alongside an important line of special items executed according to customer specifications.

Since 1968 Producing Excellence

Who We Are

A leader in the industry since 1968, we specialize in the production of pneumatic and oleopneumatic cylinders.

Alongside a wide range of standard products, we offer an important line of items manufactured according to customer specifications.

In our products, the quality of precision mechanical engineering meets the artisanal excellence that makes Italian craftsmanship prestigious worldwide.

The company occupies an area of approximately 2,500 square meters and has a staff of 30 operators who oversee the product from inception to delivery, utilizing:


A design department that defines the technical-functional aspects of the product.


A production department that oversees the realization of the product and assists the customer with any specific needs.

Quality & Testing

A quality control department that verifies the suitability of the finished product.